Empowerment Journey Copper Tensor Rings

Empowerment Journey Copper Rings are known to release unhealthy belief programs which do not serve your decision processing or your innate abilities. The Empowerment ring serves to allow more and clearer communication with your higher intuitive self allowing for greater assistance in your daily life.

Use the Empowerment Journey devices when in contemplation, meditation or even under a pillow when sleeping through the night. During sleep is when our brain is at ease but the mind continually remains active without the limiting influences of the ego. While asleep when we have direct contact with our higher self for downloads of information which have positive influences upon our daily lives. At this time of our evolution energies which are outside our physical environment are more pronounced and ready to assist than ever before. All we need to do is ask to receive for they are ready and waiting for us.

FreqE1.com Empowerment Journey rings are infused with 6 quantum scalar frequencies, 432Hz, 528Hz, 963Hz and three others which are proprietary to the Journey Ring series. Two of the proprietary nature serve as protection from energetic invaders, the third is the native frequency of an Empowerment length of measure. This is the next plateau in tensor ring research.

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