Sacred Journey Copper Tensor Rings

Sacred Journey copper tensor rings work in addressing all that is physical. Be it human, animal, plant based or even mechanical. For humans and animals it will reduce anxiety and depression associated with ADD, PTSD, ADHD and bi-polar conditions. The infused programmed frequencies interact with the innate intelligence and cellular memory stored within the DNA. Sacred Journey rings also work at the cellular level to restore harmony and relief from recent joint pain and muscle over exertion. A Sacred Journey ring will, to a degree, raise the pH of water in your cells and blood in a detoxing process.

A Sacred Journey Ring effectively addresses EMF pollution from electrical devices. Sine waves have counterclockwise (malevolent) rotation which depletes our natural immune system. Our DNA has a clockwise rotation. This device flips the counterclockwise rotation to a clockwise rotation to bring it into harmony with the natural rotation of our DNA.

Sacred Journey rings work with all things of a physical nature.

The infused 6 quantum scalar frequencies provide maximum benefit not only to our mental, emotional and general well being but also to our daily living environment. Sacred Journey Copper Tensor Rings are infused with 6 quantum scalar frequencies 432Hz, 528Hz, 963Hz and three others which are proprietary to the Journey Ring series. Two of the proprietary nature serve as protection from energetic invaders, the third is the native frequency of the Sacred length of measure. This is the next plateau in tensor ring research. 

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