1/4 Lost Journey Ring w/ rectangular Lapis



The Lost Journey Ring works with our emotional and etheric bodies to bridge the gap between thought and manifestation. The Lost cubit measurement was hidden ‘lost’ from public knowledge during ancient times. We now know our conscious emotional thoughts affect our DNA. Consider this device during contemplation for it also amplifies emotional states. If in joy, greater joy may follow. If irritable then expect this to amplify also, etc, etc. Intention is the building block of the outcome, use this powerful tool with discernment. Lost Journey rings are Quantum Scalar infused with 6 frequencies, 177Hz, 432Hz, 528Hz and 963Hz plus two frequencies which are proprietary to assist in our physical and spiritual well being.

Lapis activates the psychic center at our third eye for enhanced intuition and access to spiritual guidance through images rather than words. Lapis was used to entomb and decorate the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Those with a past-life connection to ancient Egypt can use it recover memories of past lives from that time. Lapis generates optimism with healthy discernment. Lapis is known to relieve neuralgia and pain associated with the joints. As a pendant it offers protection against physical damage caused by from computers. Care: discharge once a month overnight in a bowl with hematite stones then charge in the sun.

All pendants come with a complimentary suede neck cord.

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Weight .25 lbs


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