1/4 Sacred & Protect/Cleanse device w/ Blue Aquamarine



Sacred Journey ring and Protect & Cleanse ring are joined with an 12-13mm Blue Aquamarine bead. I was guided to create this ‘Fear-Not’ pendant to significantly assist in addressing the fear and emotional stress inflicted by the global situation we are experiencing.

Blue Aquamarine is historically recognized for its power to mitigate fear and inculcate bravery. In fact, legend has it that the stone was deployed by soldiers in ancient times to equip them to lessen any feelings of fear or concern on the battlefield so that they could fight with strength and courage without being held back.

In essence, the stone promotes positivity and in doing so, it uplifts a person’s spirits. This is why it is an effective aid when it comes to dealing with depression, anxiety, or other stress-related troubles. You would use this stone during times of despair of if you feel like you could simply use a boost in morale. Blue Aquamarine is often used as an aid to assist with the treatment of issues that stem from the nervous system to alleviate stress and negative feelings.

In doing so, negative or toxic thoughts are simultaneously reduced to an extent that they no longer cloud the judgement or concentration of the person using Blue Aquamarine. Worn in your own auric field, will ease tensions and help relieve a lot of the pressure on your nerves.

In turn, healthier mind function will translate to stronger memory, stability, and mental endurance, which is an important asset to have when overcoming the challenges that are thrown your way in daily life.

A beginner may feel overwhelmed by the intense effect of Blue Aquamarine on the body. However uncomfortable this may feel, there is no need to fight its impact because it is not at all negative in nature. In fact, you will only feel this way because the stone effectively urges you to be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone.

After all, the key to personal growth is to challenge yourself.

Blue Aquamarine is a very powerful mineral. Additional insights about the mineral can be found at the Crystals & Jewelry.com website. https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/milky-aquamarine/

The Fear-Not pendant contains a total of 17 infused frequencies for our well being.

The 1/4 Sacred Journey ring is electronically infused with 144Hz, 432Hz, 528Hz, 963Hz and two proprietary frequencies for energetic protection. The Protect & Cleanse ring is infused with 7 proprietary frequencies which repel human bullies as well as non-human entities from inflicting mental issues upon the wearer. It also dissolves energetic attachments and tentacles one may be experiencing. Additional info on both rings are at their respective pages on this site.

Both pendant rings are additionally infused with; 220Hz (protects lungs), 438Hz (protects nose, throat and eyes), 741Hz (protects from infections) and 852Hz (directly addresses fear).

All pendants come with a complimentary suede neck cord.


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