2 cubit Sacred Journey Ring – 4 wire


4 wire design, medium gauge copper. Scalar infused with 432Hz, 528Hz and 963Hz frequencies.  Approximately 13 inches inside diameter. Details below.


2 cubit Sacred Journey Ring – 4 wire construction delivers a higher volume of energy over the 2 wire configuration. Serves to reduce anxiety and depression associated with ADD, PTSD, ADHD and bi-polar conditions. This size ring is ideal for while seated at home, at office or traveling. Can be placed between mattress and box spring to receive the frequency benefits through the night. Can also be placed under pet bedding for relief from muscle and joint stiffness. Use to structure and potentize larger containers of consumable liquids, foods and supplements (suggest not for use with personally prescribed homeopathic remedies). Made of medium gauge 99% pure copper.


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs


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