Joyful Return w/ teardrop Kyanite


Coin shown as a size reference.


This Joyful Return Ring is Quantum Scalar infused with 7 proprietary frequencies. A sudden shift in the emotional state to a more blissful euphoria often occurs. This becomes more comfortable for the wearer after just a few minutes. This is an indication the frequencies assimilating with your body as the transition to a blissful state, from low vibrations of melancholy, sadness etc. to a more pleasing emotional state. This amulet is suitable for wearing 24/7. The infused frequencies will not dissipate from the copper ring over time but are only effective when it is worn next to the body.

The Kyanite mineralrevered since ancient Greek times as protection for the mind to achieve stability and happiness. Known to strengthen the speech center, hearing abilities, eyes and sense of smell which originate in the brain. Provides the wearer  with calm nerves, clear speech and more concentrated thought. Kyanite protects from detachment of the emotions. After extended wear hold under lukewarm running water. May choose to charge the stone further by placing it with the ring on a clear crystal for a few hours. Cleansing and charging will not interfere with or affect the scalar infused frequencies present in the copper ring.

This pendant comes with a suede cord. Remember, the device is only effective when it is worn next to the body or over clothing.


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