It is becoming increasingly obvious the earth is rapidly evolving to a new paradigm unlike any other time in its known history. Our human species is not exempt from this process as evidenced by the new children being born with additional connected strands to their DNA. This is is the natural order of humankind and earth’s evolution.

#2-AscensionMany are assimilating smoothly with the rate of change, others struggle to hang onto previous expectations of order in their lives. When our intuitive awareness and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the natural evolution our sense of connection to “all there is” becomes aligned and magnified. The key is how we flow and integrate with the rate of change to enjoy the ride.

Many of us are looking for answers beyond previous status-quo thinking as there are many viable options being presented. Pioneers in many fields are working to blaze new trails of example which are being shared.

With a “what if” sense of curiosity I researched deep into the work of Nickola Tesla, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. Emoto, Tensor Rings, Quantium Scalar physics, current Quantum Biologists, Russian discoveries and related historical data. From this I arrived at the next plateau, an updating of an ancient tool known as a tensor ring for use now and going forward.

Scalar frequencies create influence regardless of the belief system of the individual because biological matter innately knows and seeks a healthy state of harmony, free of dis-ease as it is called. The Tensor Ring devices I create are infused with proprietary formula Quantum Scalar frequencies. The devices deliver wave form information on a higher dimensional level. They do not treat or diagnose a specific disease or condition but serve as pathways of influence for harmony, homeostasis and personal spiritual development for our biological system.

My Best to You and Happy Trails,

Alan Drobnak

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