Most of us are well aware the earth for has for some time been in transition, evolving with new energies which are affecting our human condition.

#2-AscensionMany of us assimilate smoothly with the challenges of moving into earth’s next age. Others struggle, hanging onto a lifetime of previous beliefs and attitudes. Is their struggle a fearful denial of what is outside of their comfort zone. Increased incidences of mental and physical stresses are detrimental to one’s well being. We are passengers on the earth as it moves through the Universe and the natural order of its life cycle.

When we are in acceptance of the process of change our DNA resonates more in harmony with the natural order of the universe, our sense of connection to “all there is”. We become aligned and utilize our own unique innate abilities which is why we are here at this time of awakening. The key is how we flow, integrate and share such gifts that we may enjoy this ride through the cosmos.

There are a number of alternative modalities for those looking beyond the previous status-quo mindset. I create and offer tools to assist in exploring new possibilities of assistance for those seeking relief from personal challenges. Also, tools for enhancing ones path for personal development which may open doors previously desired.

My curiosity and research took me deep into the work of Nickola Tesla, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. Emoto, tensor rings, quantium scalar physics, quantum biologists, Russian discoveries and related historical information.

Scalar energy can be viewed as a danger or a blessing, it all depends on the integrity of the one making use of the technology. Specific frequencies create a healthy influence upon our well being regardless of the belief of the individual in contact with the tool. Biological matter innately knows and seeks a healthy state, free of dis-ease. The Tensor Ring devices I create are infused with quantum scalar frequencies, many of which are of a proprietary formula which deliver wave form information on a higher dimensional level. They do not diagnose a specific disease or condition. They do serve as pathway of influence for harmony and homeostasis for our biology and personal spiritual development.

Feeling is believing,

Alan Drobnak

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