I was guided to create the ‘Fear-Not’ pendants to assist in addressing the fear and emotional stress we are experiencing during this time of global uncertainty.


Each pendant is a quantum energy tool comprised of a Sacred Journey ring, a Protect & Cleanse ring and a mineral bead with unique qualities for assistance. The Fear-Not pendant contains a total of 17 infused frequencies for our well being. The Fear-Not pendant has either a faceted Blue Lace Agate, a Blue Aquamarine or Iolite bead for you to choose from.


The 1/4 Sacred Journey ring is electronically infused with 144Hz (reduce anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Bi-polar, ADHD and ADD), 432Hz (harmony with the universe), 528Hz (restores DNA), 963Hz (Christ consciousness/universal love) and two proprietary frequencies for energetic protection. The Protect & Cleanse ring is infused with 7 proprietary frequencies which repel human bullies as well as non-human entities from inflicting mental issues upon the wearer. It also dissolves energetic attachments and tentacles one may be experiencing.


Fear-Not‘ pendant are additionally infused with; 396Hz (anxiety relief), 220Hz (protects lungs), 438Hz (protects nose, throat and eyes), 741Hz (dissolves toxins, boost immune system) and 852Hz (directly addresses fear).


I share with you here a very important interveiw with Dr. Bruce Lipton in which he explains the danger of allowing fear into our consciousness. Everyone needs to be aware of this critical factor. Dr. Bruce Lipton; Coronavirus, Epigenetics & Immune System – Most Dangerous part of Covid-19 is Fear.


To view Dr. Lipton’s interview copy and paste this link into your browser. https://londonreal.tv/dr-bruce-lipton-coronavirus-epigenetics-immune-system-most-dangerous-part-of-covid-19-is-fear/?utm_source=drip&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020-04-08+Dr.+Bruce+Lipton&utm_content=The+Most+Dangerous+Part+of+COVID-19+is+FEAR+%F0%9F%A6%A0+Dr.+Bruce+Lipton


Clicking on the image will take you to each pendant and different mineral.

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