Lost Journey Tensor Rings

The Lost Journey Ring amplifies the focus of our mental attention when it is in use. Use it when working on a project to make your day more productive.

With alternative modality practitioners, it assists in amplifying the energies transferred to clients for enhanced treatment benefits. Used during meditation or quiet contemplation to attain deeper states of your focus.If you focus on joyful, greater joy will follow. If in a creative endeavor, greater output flows more easily. Use it while searching for a solution results in discovering greater insights.

Remember, intention is the building block of the outcome. Understanding the subtle powers of this device may be the reason the Lost Cubit was hidden from widespread knowledge long long ago.

FreqE1.com Lost Journey Tensor Rings are infused with 6 quantum scalar frequencies, 177Hz, 432Hz, 528Hz, 963Hz and two others which are proprietary and serve as protection from energetic invaders. This is the next plateau in tensor ring research.

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