Where & How To Use

The practical applications for the devices are only limited to the creativity of the user. 

Just as Tensor Rings and Scalar Wave imprinting assists a body at the cellular level, they also deliver many benefits for the mechanical/electrical devices you use every day.

Web-meterA “Meter Kit” can adjust the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) which travel throughout the wiring system of a home. Placing a Ring kit at an electrical meter alters the counterclockwise (malevolent) sine wave rotation of EMF’s to a clockwise (benevolent) rotation, a rotation which our DNA coincidently has also.

“Thank you again . . . Morgan and his friend thought I had lost it but I have slept really well the last 2 nights. I don’t care because at some level I do feel better.” – K O, Colorado

Web-Monitor-ComputerPlace a Ring on the back of a computer monitor or on top of a hard drive for EMF adjustment. Much research information recently on the internet has surfaced about EMF pollution even being emitted from desktop printers.


Web-laptopIf you have a laptop computer, cordless phones or are a cell phone hostage like most everyone, a “Phone Kit” may be a good idea. Comprised of a 1/8 Sacred and 1/8 Lost Ring the pair when applied to the back of a phone serve to adjust EMF exposure to more a benevolent frequency.



The “Phone Kit” rings are compressed to the thickness of a coin and fit nicely behind any phone protective cover.

“Thanks so much!   I can tell a difference already.  It feels so much more clear in here and I slept like a baby. I put the neck/back tensor ring under my pillow last night and have the bracelet up on my upper arm. I know they have made a difference, along with the ones on the phones and the meter.” – K K, Colorado


Place one large or a few 1/2 Sacred Cubit (SC) rings in the refrigerator, on or under food containers to potentize contents and keep food fresher for longer periods. A 1.5 SC Ring under the vegetable bin serves well for this purpose. A 3.5 SC Ring placed on top or under a refrigerator will affect the EMF’s which are emitted from that major electrical appliance.

Web-Water-glassWater changes from an acidic pH to neutral or slightly higher pH (alkaline) when left standing within a ring for 24-48 hours. This application works with any size liquid and is quite evident afterwards by altering the taste and texture, resulting in a smoother tasting beverage.

A 1/2 SC Ring aroundWeb-Kitchen-water a hose sprayer, plants benefit from the potentized water, growing more lushly, taller, larger leaves, and fewer insects and pests. Rings placed around the vegetable garden have been reported to assist in production of higher quality harvest and larger crops.

“I bought some of your FreqE1 products . . I just wanted to let you know I love them! Besides wearing the bracelets, I also lay them on me at bed time, kind of how you would lay crystals on the body but I use the bracelets and sometimes add a crystal or two. Talk about relaxing me into deep sleep, I don’t think I have ever slept so sound. I thought I had vivid dreams before. I also notice if my sinuses are bothering me I put one around my neck or lay down with a bracelet over the area and immediately I can feel a difference.

Even my cat Moomer likes them. He sits right in the middle of the copper ring and shungite I have placed on my router box. I don’t believe it is only because of warmth. He doesn’t knock them off he carefully situates himself in the middle. LOL animals know what is good for them too. I shared a photo of him sitting in the FreqE1 ring on my fb page.
I may have to make another trip down for the chakra set. That is next on my wish list. Thank you so much!” – K M, Canada

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