The Cubits

The Quick Points:

• In the Journey Ring series I employ the Sacred, Lost and Empowerment Cubit ancient units of measure.
• Each Cubit measure has unique attributes and a frequency which allow them to be useful powerful tools.
• The Sacred Cubit works with all things physical, 144Hz.
• The Lost Cubit resonates with our emotions and serves as an amplifier to more easily create whatever we focus upon, 177Hz.
• The Empowerment Cubit releases unhealthy belief programs, empowers the higher self and clears passage to our intuition, 188Hz.
• Through my process of infusing additional Scalar frequencies of 432Hz, 528Hz and 963Hz to the above three ring devices an “elegant” enhanced to previous Tensor Ring development is achieved.

Expanded Information:

3-one-cubit-ringsThe Scalar Energy infused devices I offer are derived from three ancient cubit units of measure. Each cubit has a known specific length, frequency which it creates and particular use for each device. In a straight line the Sacred Cubit measures 20.63 inches and emits a frequency of 144 MHZ . The Lost Cubit is 23.49 inches and emits 177 MHZ. The Empowerment Cubit is 28.85748 inches and emits 188 MHZ.

Each Cubit length can be used in a few specific fractional increments to create various sized devices yet retaining the attributes of the original cubit energy. Different size options allow many choices for various personal uses.

The ring devices are made of 99% pure copper and are Quantum Scalar infused with additional frequency signatures such as 432Hz, 528Hz and 963Hz and two proprietary others for personal protection. All of the frequencies are permanently infused to the crystalline structure of the copper. This unique process takes previous Tensor Ring technology to the next plateau of development. I’ve named them as ‘Journey Rings’ for how they assist our physical, mental and spiritual condition, as we adjust to the incoming energies during this period of earth and cosmic transition. The Solfeggio Rising section on this site holds information on the frequencies I infuse to the ‘Journey Ring’ devices.

sacred-1-medThe Sacred Journey Ring (SJR) emits an energy field which interacts with physical aspects of the world. An SJR can be used to structure and potentize water when exposed to the ring for 24hrs. The SJR can assist in relieving pain from recent physical incidents that are structural or muscular in nature. When an SJR is applied to objects they become influenced by the harmonizing field effects.

An SJR applied to an electrical device will serve to adjust the sine wave rotation of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). Change the sine wave from a counterclockwise (malevolent) rotation to a clockwise (benevolent) spin pattern. Our DNA has a clockwise rotation thus allowing the electrical sine wave to not be harmful but rotate in harmony with our DNA. Our physical and emotional states are constantly being affected through the harmful EMF pollution which we recognize as being all around us. I address the EMF subject elsewhere on this site. As a side note, the change in sine wave direction has no damaging effects to electrical equipment or power usage.


Roman Egypt, Bronze bracelet,  twisted wire, 1st-3rd century AD.

The SJR is based on the Sacred Cubit  and  dates from the time of the Egyptian Pharos and probably much earlier. The exact length of a Sacred Cubit was discovered carved into the stone above the entrance doorway in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza. At that time the Sacred Cubit was a ‘yardstick’ measuring device and used in the construction of the pyramids.

Sacred Geometry has its roots in shapes, patterns and proportions which reoccur consistently in nature. Pine cones, sunflowers, cactus, ferns, snowflakes, honey comb, sea shells and thousands of other examples from nature are “sacred geometry”. The Ancients observed the endless repetitions of similar numerical relationships. They gave “Sacred Geometry” this “divine” claim. The entire universe is said to be shaped based on given geometric values.

#2-John-Archibald-WheelerDuring the 1950’s physicist John Archibald Wheeler discovered that when the ends of a piece of wire were joined to form a loop, a tensor energy field was formed between the diameter of the ring. Until that time in modern science the idea of a tensor field was only a theory.

Tensor field rings were later explored by Bill Reid and Slim Spurling during their time as business partners in the 1980’s. They often worked with alternative energies, in particular Hartmann grid lines, to release geopathic stress inherent in earth’s energy field which can cause detrimental life threatening effects upon human health. Through research in alternative sources energy and frequency they rediscovered ancient Tensor Ring technology.

lost-1-medSlim Spurling and Astrophysicist Hans Becker worked together to identify the Lost Cubit. Named such because it appeared to have been intentionally left out of most ancient records. The Lost Cubit is associated with our higher-self and vibrates at the speed of thought. It serves for a greater connection to aspects of our etheric self. Mr. Becker stated that the Lost Cubit was long unrecognized which might have been deliberately omitted from ancient records because of its powerful abilities. This may have been so because it resonates with earth’s Schumann energy and the cosmic energy frequency.

Use the Lost Journey Ring (LJR) device to times of meditation, during quiet contemplation when distractions are a minimum or during focused attention as on a project. Alternative health practitioners use of this device to deliver amplified energies to their clients. Users have experienced an amplifying of emotional states when the LJR is used. If you are in joy, greater joy may follow. If angry or irritable then this may be amplified also. Creativity has also been invigorated. If focusing on a project and searching for an answer this tool can assist in arriving at a desired insight. Remember, intention is the building block of the outcome so use discernment to preserve your personal comfort and progress. Understanding the energy which this device emits may be the reason the Lost Cubit was hidden from widespread use and knowledge long long ago.

S#2-Schumann-resonancecience has only recently found our conscious emotional thoughts can have effects upon our DNA. Did the Lost Cubit length get “lost” on purpose because it carries frequencies which help bridge the gap between thought and manifestation? If so, then this is an inalienable right, available not to a chosen few, but to all of us.





The Empowerment Cubit has been said to decalcify the pineal and release unhealthy belief programs which do not serve our higher-self or our innate abilities. It also serves to allow more and clearer communication with our intuitive self. Empowerment Journey Rings can be worn as an amulet, as a larger ring held during meditations or while asleep, under your pillow, allowing interaction with your higher self to integrate with you and assist in your daily life. Information leading to the creation of the Empowerment Cubit was given to Slim Spurling before he died in November of 2007.

Of the 19 Cubit measurements which are known to exist the attributes of fewer than 10 are known at this time. Some researchers claim there are sixty-four in total.

Web-.5-Comp-HvyAll of the ring devices I create are infused with very specific benevolent Quantum Scalar signature frequencies. With this additional benefit of Scalar infusion the rings are the next plateau in Tensor Ring exploration. Through the Scalar imprinting process an “elegantly” enhanced version of the original Tensor Ring is now available. I work only with benevolent frequencies which are valuable to our mental, physical and spiritual well being. You can read more about Scalar imprinting and Solfeggio Tone frequencies at their respective pages on this site.


Portions of the above text were excerpted from:
Slim Spurling’s Light-Life Technology User’s Guide – By Cal Garrison
What is a Tensor Ring – By Brian Bresco

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