Meter Kit

EMF Altering Copper Tensor Meter Kit

Place this 6.25″ diameter ring around the clear cover of your electrical meter as in the photo. This adjusts the EMF sine wave from a counter-clockwise (malevolent) rotation to a clockwise (benevolent ) rotation. Remember, our DNA has a clockwise rotation. Reversing the sine wave renders EMF influence as non-invasive to our mental and physical well being. Place 2-3 pieces of Shungite on top of or in the electrical breaker sub-panel for the detoxing benefit of Shungite. If you can not place the ring on the meter it can be taped to the backside of the electrical breaker box door to achieve the same results.


The EMF Meter Kit is infused with 6 quantum scalar frequencies, 144Hz, 432Hz, 528Hz, 963Hz and two others which are proprietary. The two proprietary frequencies serve as protection from energetic invaders. The Meter Kit includes a few Shungite pieces for additional detoxing of ‘dirty electricty’.

Before ordering please measure across the face of your electrical meter’s clear plastic housing to ensure the 6.25 in. diameter of the ring will fit snugly to your meter.


“Within 24 hours of application, I received relief from the morning numbness in my fingers and hands which I have experienced upon awakening since 2012 installation of the smart meter on our property.  Other attempts to offset the EMFs have had little impact — so I was thrilled to awaken “normally” the next day. 
In sharing my experience with a friend whose office sits in between two recently installed smart meters, she immediately ordered two rings and is grateful to once again be able to sit in her chair without EMF disturbances; she plans to gift each of her family members a ring for their residences.” – C N, Colorado

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