Frequency of Life aka the Pulse of Life

Frequency of Life

About a hundred years ago Nikola Tesla had this to say,
“If you wish to understand the Universe, think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.”

The Quick Points:

• Ancient cultures used sound waves to have effects on the human body.
• 1600’s, Galileo experimented with frequencies providing the ground work for others.
• 1900’s, Tesla passed Scalar Waves through the earth without loss of the signature frequency.
• 1930’s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife developed a means to utilize frequencies for the benefit of humanity.
• 1990’s, Dr. Glen Rein found scalar waves can cause healing effects through stored scalar information within an object.
• Intelligence and memory is stored within the cells of the body as subconscious cellular memory which is our innate knowledge.
• Frequencies affect DNA and consciousness, many serve a benevolent healing purpose.
• Many new children have additional strings of their DNA intact, human evolution is occurring at this time.

Expanded Information:

Over the centuries a programming has occurred to disconnect us from an unseen reality. We truly are multidimensional beings but have been taught not to accept this. We have been conditioned to disbelieve we have the ability to experience the unseen and only trust 5 of our many other senses. Every one of us has a unique spark to share with the world in an atmosphere of non-judgement. As we assist we provide an opportunity for the next person to ‘pay it forward’, sharing what they’ve learned. The new paradigm is about sharing to empower the individual.

Shaman-DrummerAmong ancient cultures, the power of sound waves was believed to have an effect on the human body. Shamans used chanting and drumming to focus their spiritual, mental and physical energies. For many of us frequencies are something on a car radio or home audio receiver we dial in for a favorite tune to raise our mood. We are not very different from our ancestors who tuned into unseen spirit energy frequencies for an emotional boost. The difference now being we have underutilized the use of frequencies for anything more than entertainment. ‘Benevolent frequencies’ is the key concept remember as not all frequencies are beneficial to our human condition.

Formal research into the invisible realm of frequencies began with Galileo around 1630. This was followed by Robert Hooke in 1680 and more thoughtfully explained by the Frenchman Ernst Chaldni in his 1787 book titled ‘Discoveries on The Theory of Sound’. Chaldni explained ways to make sound waves generate visible structures. Cymatic-Plate-drawingHe explained how a violin bow, drawn at a right angle across a flat plate covered with sand, produced patterns and shapes. Those patterns and shapes have since been labeled as Chaldni figures. The study of such wave phenomena, the ability of sound to organize and re-pattern matter, is now commonly known as Cymatics. (check out YouTube for number of amazing ‘Cymatics’ videos)

#2-James-Clerk-MaxwellJames Clerk Maxwell, a Scotsman in the mid-1800’s, discovered Scalar Waves. He was a mathematical genius of his time whose work led to the development of quantum physics which later provided insights for Einstein’s work in Relativity.

#2-Tesla-photoTesla’s opening words at the top of this page were not as widely understood or accepted during his life. Only in the last few decades have we come to appreciate and embrace his suggestions. One of Tesla’s hundreds of experiments led to a Scalar Wave demonstration where he proved the waves were capable of passing through solid objects without loss of intensity. He projected a Scalar Wave through the earth to a receiver on the other side with no loss of field strength. Many of Teslas’ experiments with frequencies were never revealed outside the scientific community or to the general public.

A very simple physical property of everything is that if you change the resonant frequency of a material, you also change the manner in which it behaves (cause and effect). Keep this in mind as you read this section. During the last two decades humanity has taken the first steps into a new period of history, one where long suppressed secrets of the universe have become more available for our personal benefit.

Our ancestral DNA has much to do with who we are. But it is no longer completely to blame for one’s deteriorating physical state nor is it set in stone we be victims to a declining quality of life. DNA can be transformed to more than just a healthy state. The fact of the matter is that DNA can be dialed into a state of physical harmony and be in align with evolving changes influencing earth from the center of universe.

Dr R. Rife11Dr. Royal Raymond Rife experimented like Tesla in the invisible world of benevolent frequencies. Rife was a medical device pioneer in the 1930’s. He created a unique and complex microscope he called the ‘Universal Microscope’ which was able to observe and record exact energy frequencies beyond the known range of that time. He identified the individual frequency signature of microbes. No two species of molecules have the same electromagnetic energy signature. By increasing the intensity of a frequency which resonated naturally with a specific microbe, Rife was able to increase a cell’s oscillation until it disintegrated from structural stresses. He literally blew its mind. The body’s natural immune system then served to remove and flush the dead cells from the system. Rife @ machineRife called this frequency the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR).

With this technique he was able to destroy specific pathogens and viruses that were commonly found in the blood and tissues from hundreds of known diseases. His unique process did no harm whatsoever to surrounding healthy tissues. Rife became very famous for his incredible medical advancement. When the ‘for profit’ medical establishment took notice of the international acclaim he received and incredible benefit to humanity his device offered, he was discredited by establishment professional journals. He had his laboratory sabotaged, equipment confiscated and research records stolen. He was publicly discredited and financially destroyed by the American Medical Association. I’ve included more information about Raymond Rife on the Researchers Links page.

Dr-EmotoIn the mid-1980’s Dr. Masaru Emoto considered the concept of water having the ability to memorize information. He developed ‘water crystal photography’ to prove his theory. Emoto-Water-MusicWater crystal photography is physical proof illustrating how water reacts and holds any information (vibration) given it. This is revealed by the recording of different formations in water molecules when they are exposed to sound frequencies or even spoken words and phrases. A link to the late Dr. Emoto’s work can be found on the Researchers Links page.

Dr. Glen ReinIn the 1990’s Dr, Glen Rein of the Quantum Biology Research Lab experimented with ‘water memory’ as well with DNA using a technique to convert sound frequencies into scalar waves. His research suggests that “externally applied quantum fields (scalar waves) produce biological effects (change) at the cellular level. The bioenergy field is composed of embedded layers of electromagnetic and quantum fields. The healing process is defined as the expansion of a fundamental higher dimensional energy source as it informs the denser layers around it, eventually reaching and healing the physical body”.

Web-DNA-RussiansDr. Rein found that scalar waves can cause resonance in DNA and can have healing effects. Rein’s evidence suggests that the stored scalar information can be subsequently retrieved or utilized by biological systems, thereby producing a biological effect. In this sense a memory of information can be stored within an object. Dr. Rein has authored of over 30 professional papers. Read more of Dr. Rein’s work on the Researchers Links page.

Traditional science is slow to embrace the work of quantum scientists that frequencies are received and then held by objects. All objects have a frequency and are susceptible to effect change through another influencing frequency as Dr. Rein as well as others have discovered. When a frequency is introduced to other frequencies they can and do haver an affect on them. Think of it as adding one ingredient which is compatible with another which then creates a desirable change to the original. When we stop to consider that the human body is composed of about 70% water and that water can be influenced by frequencies it is a natural conclusion to suggest specific frequency signatures can be central to our well being as well as the collective consciousness of humanity.

deepak-chopraIn 1998 Dr. Deepak Chopra wrote, “Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teeming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential.” Today we know that intelligence as well as memory from our ancient ancestors is stored within the cells of the body. This is known as subconscious cellular memory. When the right resonance or trigger comes along and releases that information it becomes innate information or inherent knowledge. It’s akin to that moment of insight which comes from our true higher-self. One where we may not have had a known previous conscious experience and yet it is an insight of indisputable truth for us having that ‘eureka’ moment. On the flip side the cellular memory of the body also holds the many diseases which lie dormant in everyone’s system waiting for the appropriate triggering cue usually associated with one’s immune system. The concept of cellular memory is gaining more acceptance in conventional sciences and recognized as reaching back even thousands of years in our genetic lineage.

Dr. Candace PertDr. Candace Pert, PhD through her research found that energy and vibration go all the way to the molecular level. She found we have 70 different receptors on molecules and when vibration and frequency reach a certain point the receptors begin to vibrate. She observed, “as they begin to vibrate they sort of touch each other, and tickle each other, and they play and mount each other.” A sort of energetic dance ritual at the cellular level which opens the chromosomes and exposes DNA to the applied frequencies. When we do toning, trance drumming, chanting, or use tuning forks on meridians, it can be a way to direct energy to the cellular level for transformational purposes. Read more about Candace Pert’s work on the Researchers Links page.


“Journey Trifecta”    Ring set

The products which I personally create are Scalar Wave Frequency transfer devices. Being non-invasive by their scalar wave nature they are designed and intended to serve and deliver benevolent universal code frequencies which benefit our human condition. A tool for now and many decades to come.

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#2-CarouselFrequencies affect all things physical. It can not be any more simply expressed than that.

Discernment does need be everyone’s guide as we navigate challenging times. Mainstream science and an awakening mass consciousness is gradually accepting more concepts that were dismissed previously as naive high woowoo. Science has even recently discovered how our mind can rearrange our genetic structure to heal our body, so the tide may be changing. For the most part the mass consciousness is still at the mercy of corporations, the hijacked medical industry and tenured academia. It’s time to consider getting off their merry-go-round.

No single frequency can be claimed as the ‘magic one’ as the best for healing for there are many many thousand which serve a specific purpose. It is not only evolution at this time but our birthright to utilize tools which are beneficial to us. Many of us are awakening to our purpose in this process of change through the vision of our heart mind.

It is all about the transformation of humankind to the next level of the species. We have an innate right to communicate with our higher essence. We have the ability to live beyond our self-imposed limitations. More often than not we are the greatest abusers of ourselves because limitations are embedded deep in patterns from childhood web-Heads-in-sandprogramming known as our cellular memory. The ego also controls the resistance to release such false beliefs. Often we attempt to tune out messages from our innate intuitive intelligence believing such assistance is only attainable by sitting at the feet of a guru or deity.

What if we were to allow our higher mind, our internal software, to work with our physical brain, the hardware, and accept our power to step away from past programming? Our past beliefs are the only thing standing in the way.

I just wanted to share some really cool feedback with you after using my three new rings you made! I have been just in general feeling so much more “aligned” with myself! Things seem to materialize much quicker from a manifesting stance! Great work you’re doing!  – M G, Colorado

The language of the Universe is not in English nor is it of any single religion. The Universal Language is frequencies which hold information of the one true Source of all that is. A major goal in life we are told is to become the consciousness of unconditional love. One with the Source, with compassion and without judgement. This is directly related to living in ones integrity and living by what comes from the heart.

For those who accept the fact that earth and all life upon it are #2-Reset3in the process of evolving we look to the constant stream of scientific discoveries which serve to assist our understanding of energies, frequencies and higher vibrations. We should not fear the onset of the next age but embrace it with anticipation and gratitude for our living during a time of a dynamic process. This timeframe we find ourselves in is about me being me and you being you, claiming our individual uniqueness while in sync with the Universe.

The Quantum Scalar products I offer are designed to assist in achieving both a healthy physical being as well as expanded spiritual experience.

I think you are brilliant in what you do. Keep inventing more tools for us. I just need to understand them better. – T C, Oklahoma

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