Feeling is Believing

The Quick Points:

• All disease can be found in the blood, over 140 thrive in a low pH blood acid environment.
• Elevating pH levels assists the immune systems ability to fight disease.
• Sacred Cubit Rings slightly raise pH levels, relieve joint pains, calm swelling and tension of injuries.
• Scalar frequency rings are immediately effective when worn or placed against the body.
• Sacred Cubit Rings are known to reduce anxiety. Especially for those with PTSD, Depression, Bi-polar, ADHD and ADD.
• Healing of any kind initially takes place at the etheric level then is transmitted to the physical body at the cellular level.
• A ‘Meter’ Scalar infused ring alters harmful EMF’s which travel through the wiring system of a home.
• A ‘Chakras Cleanse’ set; three large Sacred, Lost and Empowerment Scalar infused rings provide a complete body treatment session.

Expanded Information:

Russian scientists have experimented extensively with tensor/torsion fields. In the radiobiology laboratory at Perm University the effects of static torsion fields on mice were recorded. The results showed improved immune responses through the use of generated torsion fields. This demonstrated that a torsion field has immune-stimulating effects in the activation of both cellular and humoral parts of the immune system.

clumped-unclumped-cellsAll disease can be found in the blood. Over 140 diseases thrive in a low pH blood acid environment. Elevating pH levels to blood alkaline creates a state of “wellness” and can be of great assistance to an immune systems ability to fight disease. In one eight year study of 200 terminally ill patients whose blood pH was elevated to alkaline, only eight succumbed to their disease. Whatever means you choose for yourself, raising your pH is key for a healthy immune system.

Web-Water-glassTaste tests have revealed water treated with a Sacred Cubit (SC) Tensor Ring has a higher value pH. The water tastes softer, cleaner, and purer than untreated water. Tap water has almost 22,000 Bovis units of energy. When tap water is placed within the active field of the Ring for a few hours the Bovis Scale reaches a 1.2 million Bovis unit level. The Bovis Scale, is a tool that measures the life force energy level of any substance, food, medicine, living beings, objects or geographic places.

Healing of any kind takes place initially at the etheric level and then is transmitted to our physical body. Imprinted Scalar Wave energies have been proven to communicate with cells and DNA without a conscious thought. When using a SC Ring device if you also consider a simple occasional affirmation the process will move along slightly quicker. You can think of it as the power of intention. In this way the information is immediately by the etheric body, and then relayed to your physical body.

Web-.5-HvyObtaining SC ring frequency benefits are as easy as placing the device on the body, over the chakras, around arms or legs, under the head, around the neck or on any part of the body which is feeling discomfort. No other manipulation is necessary. The frequency energy from the rings will begin to nurture a return to your homeostasis, balance and harmony. SC rings have successfully been used to reduce anxiety for children with ADHD, ADD and grown ups who experience PTSD.

“I wanted to tell you that even with a crazy life I have definitely felt a new calm with wearing the bracelet and with the one on our meter at home! Thank You!”– N L, Idaho

2-feetSC rings also work on a physical level to relieve joint and muscle pains in a couple of hours or less when a tensor ring is worn around the aching area. The effects are known to calm swelling and tension of injuries. I personally wear a 1/2 SC ring every day on my left wrist. I’m right hand dominant so during the day the ring is less likely to be cumbersome. Over my heart chakra I wear a 1/4 SC ring as an amulet.

Web-metr-lightboltsTensor Rings can alter the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) which travel throughout the wiring system and appliances in a home. Placing a 1 Sacred Cubit  ‘Meter Ring’ around an electrical meter alters the counterclockwise EMF sine wave (malevolent) to a clockwise (benevolent) rotation. Our DNA also has a clockwise rotation so the wave become harmonious with our metabolism.

“Within 24 hours of application, I received relief from the morning numbness in my fingers and hands which I have experienced upon awakening since 2012 installation of the smart meter on our property.  Other attempts to offset the EMFs have had little impact — so I was thrilled to awaken “normally” the next day. . . In sharing my experience with a friend whose office sits inbetween two recently installed smart meters, she immediately ordered two rings and is grateful to once again be able to sit in her chair without EMF disturbances; she plans to gift each of her family members a ring for their residences.”  C N, Colorado

Web-meterAfter placing a ‘Meter Ring’ on our home electrical meter friends came to visit on separate occasions. Each individual sensed and remarked feeling a noticeable difference in the ambience within our home from previous visits. Both remarked feeling a more peaceful serene atmosphere. Oddly enough, they asked what we had altered from before. Nothing physical was different, but I had put a Quantum Scalar infused Meter Ring on our electrical meter.

As the electrical current travels throughout the home’s wiring system it created the serene atmosphere and safer environment. With each Meter Ring is included two pieces of Shungite for additional benefits. Google “Shungite, Cosmic Reality” to learn about a very unique mineral with amazing properties.

“Thank you again . . . Morgan and his friend thought I had lost it but I have slept really well the last 2 nights. I don’t care because at some level I do feel better.” – K O, Colorado


“I have been using the three Journey Rings in my CranioSacral Therapy Practice since I bought them from you last year. I wanted to tell you how they seem to blend or harmonize with the energy with which I work, and create even better results than I have seen in previous years when I did not have them for my clients. I love the website, and read everything there so I could comprehend the meanings and purposes of the rings as I began to use them. Thanks for contributing to my knowledge about Scalar Energy and its’ uses! Gratefully.”  – J R, Colorado, RNC, LMT CranioSacral Therapist

Web-5ring-bedGrouping 3-5 Sacred Cubit medium or large rings under a bed in a Vesica Piscis pattern has proven to relieve chronic joint pain, more restful sleep and fewer hours needed for a good nights rest. Energy practitioners have reported delivering greater benefit to their clients with the vesica piscis grouping placed under treatment tables.

Web-1-Chakra-CleanseThe ‘Chakras Cleanse’ set is comprised of three large rings. A Sacred, Lost and Empowerment Ring each in the three and a half Cubit size. Begin the cleanse process with the Sacred Ring held over the persons head. Slowly move the ring down to their feet. During this process it is important the person being cleansed mentions any tingling sensations as the ring is being passed over them. If so, pause for a moment at the tingling location and allow the energy to work with them for a few moments or until tingling subsides.

Web-2-Chakra-CleanseNext, use the Lost Cubit Ring in the same manner. Passing the ring over the head and down to their toes, pausing where tingling, then back up over their head. For the final step use the Empowerment Ring in the same fashion as with the previous two rings.


Web-3-Chakra-CleanseDo treat this process with patience and the respect it deserves. It will only take a few minutes and the results felt by the recipient will be the reward. Rings of this size do present a shipping issue so they are only offered for local Denver pickup, at shows or by other arrangement.

The practical and energetic applications of Scalar Tensor Rings offer a lifetime of beneficial use. If you are an energetic healing practitioner you may consider including these in your collection of tools.

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