EMF Altering

The EMF altering copper Tensor Rings are from the Journey Ring series. Each ring is infused with 6 quantum scalar frequencies 432Hz, 528Hz, 963Hz and three others which are proprietary to the Journey Ring series. Two of the proprietary nature serve as protection from energetic invaders, the third is the native frequency of a Sacred’s length of measure.

Phone/laptop rings are a two ring set, each a 1/8 cubit, which cancel EMF radiation. Research has found cell phone radiation to increased brain tumors as well as tumors on other areas of the body where cellphones are carried. Each 1/8 ring is compressed to the thickness of a dime designed to sit near flush when taped between the phone and aftermarket protective cover most people have on their phone. The rings can also be taped to the backside of a cordless home phone or laptop computer for similar protection.

The Meter Kit is a 1 cubit Sacred Ring (6.25 inside diameter). Place this heavier gauge ring around the electrical meter of your home to adjust the EMF sine wave flowing throughout your electrical system. Sine waves have counterclockwise (malevolent) rotation which depletes our natural immune system. Our DNA has a clockwise rotation. This device flips the counterclockwise rotation to a clockwise rotation to bring it into harmony with the natural rotation of our DNA. EMF’s emitted from appliances are affected similarly. The Meter Ring Kit arrives with 4 pieces of shungite to assist in detoxing ‘dirty electricity’.

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  • EMF Altering Copper Tensor Meter Kit

    EMF Altering Meter Kit

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  • EMF Altering Copper Tensor Rings for Phone / Laptop

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