EMF Altering

This category of ring device adjusts EMF sine waves which are emitted by nearly all of our home electrical appliances and devices. EMF sine waves have a counter-clockwise (malevolent) rotation. Our DNA has a clockwise rotation. This is how EMF’s cause physical stress to our immune system and in many cases headaches, lack of rest and other ill symptoms.

The tools offered here reverse counter-clockwise EMF rotation to a clockwise (benevolent ) rotation. This renders EMF’s as being non-invasive to our physical and mental well being. The electrical appliances perform just as before. You will not see your electrical spin backwards or cause wonder by the service provider. Hundreds of these devices are in use everyday across the USA.

A device addressing 5G, which is a completely different technology, is in the development process and will be made available when proven to be effective.

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