EMF Altering Copper Tensor Rings for Phone / Laptop


1/8 Sacred and 1/8 Lost Cubit Rings Details Below


EMF Altering Copper Tensor Ring set for cordless phones, cell phones and laptop computers. Each ring is 1/8 cubit of a Sacred and Lost Journey Ring. Each is approx. 1 in. in diameter and compressed to the thickness of a coin. Don’t be fooled by the diminutive size of the rings they have demonstrated through Polycontrast Interference Photography, an energy field imaging process, to reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

FreqE1.com EMF Journey rings are infused with 6 quantum scalar frequencies, 432Hz, 528Hz, 963Hz and three others which are proprietary to the Journey Ring series and serve as protection for our physical and spiritual well being.

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Weight .25 lbs


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