Protect & Cleanse w/ Shungite



The Protect & Cleanse ring measures 1-5/8″ diameter. It is quantum scalar infused with 7 proprietary frequencies. This device serves those who are vulnerable with personal protection from human bullies who want to cause them distress. The frequency formula also repels unwanted non-human entities from your energetic space and dissolves previous energetic attachments.

The Shungite bead measures 16mm. Discovered in 16th century Russia where Shungite was originally used for purifying water. In the 1900’s hospitals used Shungite to enhance recovery and protect from infection. Today Shungite is used for detoxing and counteracting harmful EMF effect fields from electronic devices. Shungite contains fullerenes, hollow carbon-based molecules able to slow the growth of cancer cells. A Shungite beaded pendant it is a good choice especially for those who work with a computer for long periods. 

All pendants come with a complimentary suede neck cord.


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